One shot a day for 365


Day 40/365

We recently read Roger Lancelyn Green’s Tales of the Greek Heroes. The boys loved it so much they wanted more – starting with the Tale of Troy. I’m not-so-secretly pleased that they seem to share my love of mythology. I love these Puffin Classics and their new clean artwork. I’m a bit persnickety however and was disappointed that the artwork of the Tale of Troy doesn’t match the rest. There is a new edition coming but not until May but we couldn’t wait that long.  Yep, I’m just a teeny bit odd.


Flickr Madness

For some reason a bunch of my photos are not playing nice. I have been re-uploading images for pixel size, but the links don’t seem to be broken as I can click through to Flickr. Hopefully it’s a temporary issue but boy I hate seeing all of those broken images.

Edit: Well shoot. The Flickr JPG names do seem to have changed. So much for supposedly being able to replace an image and keeping it in the same location on Flickr. I’m a teeny bit confused as to how clicking on the photo brings up the right image on Flickr, but for sure the actual photo links changed when I replaced my photos so it seems I’ll have to fix every photo on my blog to the new “improved” link.

Day 39/365


How I know I’m branching out…I’ve been using shutter priority mode when taking pictures of the boys and been happier with the results. They move too much to mess with anything else.

Day 38/365


It was much lovelier in person. Woke up this morning and saw these clouds. I’m not really liking the crop and I don’t feel like there is a focal point. Case of trying to fit too much into the frame at once maybe.

Day 37/365


Bell peppers are so pretty aren’t they?

Day 36/365

My husband is working today, the boys and I went to see the movie Hugo. Tomorrow while folks are busy shopping or putting up holiday decorations we will be having our own Thanksgiving feast with wonderful friends who were willing to delay their celebration to be with us. I have much to be thankful for.

Day 35/365